Paper Vs Technology

Looking at Megan’s blog post, her topic on ‘Paper… wins’ caught my attention reading it. I do agree that sometimes a print copy would be more interesting than using ICT such as Laptops that mentioned by Megan.

It is really depends on individual, but as for me, I still prefer jotting down notes and writing up things in the old school ways which is paper and pen. I personally feel that when I write or draw on a piece of paper, I am able to work and think at the same time as I get the feel of my hand movement and texture/space of the paper. For instance, using technology such as drawing on a computer is much harder for me as I need to control the mouse. This is because when controlling the mouse I can’t feel the texture/surface of the paper and also the reason is because I am so used to paper and pen since young.

Besides that, paper is much easier for me to scribble the important notes everywhere in the piece of paper and is much harder to do so on Microsoft Word – technology. I can always add and erase my points and drawings on to add notes for better understanding. These little things is harder for me to do it on the computer. Therefore, I am much confident working on a piece of paper and a pen rather than on computer!

Here are some reading on Paper Vs. Technology:-

What are your thoughts? Is the ‘old paper way’ better than the ‘new technology way’, or should we all be moving with the times?

Here is a short video clip on Toilet Paper Vs. Technology.

Toilet Paper Vs. Technology

I would say not everything works with technology, and technology wasn’t always best working in it. Sometimes paper do come in handy and convenient.


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